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Becoming more visible at work

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Two spotlights, one in top left, one in top right with yellow beams coming from them that converge at the bottom middle of the image, so something that was in that spot would be very visible

Do you need to increase your visibility at work, but don’t want to do anything that feels artificial? 
Making sure you and the work you do is visible will help you progress your career. There are many things you can do to be visible that can be a natural part of your role.

Here are 3 tips:
1. Be clear on your successes and practice referring to them so you are more comfortable talking about them when the right moment arises

2. Understand what is important to your key stakeholders to make sure the things you talk about are relevant to them

3. Look for opportunities to volunteer for things where you will be more visible e.g. representing the department in progress meetings or on a special project

If that all seems overwhelming, a coach can help you break it down into manageable pieces. To find out how I can help you, schedule a free, confidential and no obligation 30 minute call