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Career progression with confidence

Have you tried to get promotion in the past and had your confidence knocked when it didn’t work out? Have you been in your current role for a while and are ready for a change? Are you unsure of what direction to take with your career progression or how to get there?

Picture of Susan Graves - a Career Coach who helps people in project focussed roles understand what they need to do to get promotion and grow the confidence to achieve it.

Are you working in a project related role or in technology in a large organisation? Are you looking to become a manager, or advance into a more senior role? Do you need help selling yourself at interview? Or has the next step been relatively straightforward before but now there isn’t a clear path?

I help you with your career progression. I help you understand what you need to do to get promotion or a new role, and grow the confidence to achieve it.

I work with people who want to make a difference and I help them with their career progression so they can get promotion or a new job that is consistent with their values and skills.

I bring many years experience helping people grow and develop in project environments within a large organisation – About Susan Graves. I qualified with The Coaching Academy with a Personal Performance Coaching Diploma